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Welcome to Life Skills Intermediate


I hope you are having a great time being home with your kids.  My dog, Nikki is very happy to have me home.  I am receiving emails from Elmwood and our Special Education department on how to prepare for the upcoming weeks.  We are told to have no academic expectations for these first two weeks.  This is time to take care of family.  We will be preparing information to share such as web sites that provide academic practice in the forms of games.  I’m sure you already have lots of them.  I will be putting a list of those together and will send them in a week or so.  I sent extra work home in the homework folder.  This is for practice and will not be graded as usual. I will keep the web page updated, but the best way to contact me is by email,   This is best because of the individualized lessons for your child.  


In class we use as a site that has tons of math, reading, and seasonal academic games.  This will be a great place for your child to get started.  This site also offers grade levels Pre-K through 5th grade. 

Since each child has their own IEP, please continue to work on those IEP goals. 


I will be in touch through emails this week for more individualized directions.  Thank you for your support.  Take care.


Barb Gabert



Time to have some learning fun.  Enjoy.

Control-click these sites.  

A speech site.


Easy science experiments


Kids are loving the white shark site.  My grandson made the easy shark hat that went with a lesson.[0]=68.ARAHWpqtDcIeDOmsBxv49uheTtNoKyzBUcXax-fLqyNsKlVgtA9tZwAcn9iKwgf8eMQ6-n_coMQwnZO5WpcMVe2cSjYyZ6py0rJ_jWskfTH3I6azF9KJB_HeyEH6U0Ohe6UKQRqXTCQZEiAkU9KbbPeOov__8Nxg_-EXUpjSBGzCAytz4X_IeXT5Dn-Ss8OHiZJKFPwbQQiycwFu9Cc2HBzBJ2mv-auy6EPb3UyfVCfekaUg8UASJqrhqah7GazdDIAKYUKH7oqQ6EkSBPwF0uog3HI91SI762_L5XlBFzaxg9aGYTyTqaewI36-ZDCjuRA3QPPYXFwa9sD8VOzti77Tlg


This site is for easy to make games.[0]=68.ARCk80EyR6N7NfUW9lCffO9GXJomGV4jyo8NrrGWBXSD2CuhPaXOiXHuLF5faGzKjZrV60k3owXJcqEe03MuBYMm5Nm5AhlcLAJJoNwvDRL7ZO9vM3HMcQorF_ZstwFH1-fDBJEMjmTC-sDGpsLxRM_Ntb85HRJm0Gh9ZijOuZjmJHBRbxt4Fmvj3ZnyWKv4d0eog7X46axRcGqL3Vh1QBs225jRemjx-wUCNIL4iafKj5YEJxoLGf-Ta7DceLgTPk-drKpmZ1VdRXo7h9OF1UDOOcHa6IRlWRlTr16W5RNtMAibXghMUa3wxl8jhujbHDFtP72u1hxKXrypfIb2zp4QWSovo3bSBc48



Wildlife cams

PA Game Commission eagles
Middle Creek
Harrisburg Falcons
Hanover Eagles


A zoo tour


A zoo club for kids


I hope you know how to cut hair.  J


Science experiments—easy ones.


Animal cams.


Lots of read alouds, tours, easy drawing  My grandson loves this.


Lots of tours here


Speech sites


Farm tour


Card games to learn math


Pete the Cat story time


Cincinnati zoo visits[0]=68.ARBcq4KyPJTP-YzQYPE-bm_KSzyO7Qm0R8gkpQClZ4QD24cyM0jZNilQ-5pXyjVImdePKQU_eruPBzcsap5pK1xBpahyh37L_2HZBMy4NQuNnzHABp3TK-gdDzXuJmYf3j753GcDYy2HISRUB38MrBe3TIhJxwcDWvbpGe8IFVnWYg0mPcVvP9XYnPbq2EGCiCcOlJ6Kf2C7ctVkgEUjWxqwmHDowgPM4LB8u_GzgDXTXkBtGAs77C6LPBwixAfbr9jK5Kvfdz5t1C71IYrRvpuFjsjPVOlFyL9hMCaU_LCiE80Q2kaIhic5hJdN-eROd7yzXo63rez2-rSi1StU1g


Scholastic site for kids


30 virtual Field trips


   March 29, 2020    Here is a great site for all types of math work sheets.      I use this in class.  So many levels for you to choose from. 
I hope you are all doing well.  Mrs. Hellam and Mrs. Fickes and I miss you and we will see you as soon as we can.  There is going to be a parade through Mechancisburg 
neighborhoods on Tuesday.  Check your emails and texts for this information.  
Take care of each other.
Love, Ms. Gabert
March 30, 2020
Hi, Here are a few new things that the district sent to me.  Please see if these are useful for your child.     April 3, 2020    This is audible.  You can listen to stories at all levels.  This will be free while schools are closed according to them.  Check it out.  
April 8, 2020
Hi.  I hope you are all doing well.  I have been working on the Scholastic magazine that we use in class so you can go to it on line.  Here are some links.  There has been some log in issues with the password, but that should be worked out.  

April 10, 2020


I am sending this letter to clarify some things that you have been hearing and/or reading in communications from Dr. Leidy and Mr. Bitz.  First, let me say that special education is going to look very different from the regular education news you have been hearing.  I am in contact with all of my supervisors several times a week.  My direction has been coming from the special ed dept.  You might be hearing things like learning platform, office hours, and feedback.  I am directed to continue using my web page as a means of academic instruction for my class.  There won’t be a learning platform for my Life Skills class.  If there was, it would be a link that takes you back to my web page I was told.  As far as office hours, please email me anytime you want.  I check emails daily and will get back to you as soon as possible.  I don’t want to limit anyone to a specific time.  Feedback—we are still working on what this will look like for my students.  Stay tuned.  I hope this makes things clear for you.  Please continue to use my webpage for academic links.  I am beginning to add other resources as they are being offered.  Please check your emails for updates as well. 

Take care

Ms. Gabert 

April 10, 2020 Scholastic Update:  When you click on the Scholastic links above, find the Learn at home links to click on.  This will take you to the Scholastic magazine, activities, and quizzes that I use at school.  The grade level I use in class is Grade 1.  There is no password needed.  You simple need to click on the link for Learn at home.  If it takes you to a log on or subscribe, just click on subscribe (you won't have to pay) and go to the bottom of the page and look for Parents: learn at home.  Then continue to Learn at home link.  Enjoy.  
April 27, 2020


I hope all is well with you.  I have been doing some more digging for places for you to find to print worksheets and have interactive reading/math time.  Some sites can be tricky because they want you to purchase.  I like Free. Some are free.  Some will offer a free month.  You just have to remember to cancel.  Please give these sites a try and see what works for you.  I don’t know if you all can print out work sheets but some of these allow you to print sheets that you select.  I wish I could give you the workbooks, reading books, and worksheets I have at school but we are still not allowed into the schools yet.  This is a good time to use some advice provided below. 


“Students learn best when they can experience things authentically. I wonder if you create some of these experiences at home. Maybe your child receives some "money" at the beginning of the day. Then their snacks are labeled with the amount they cost. They could then count out the money to give you for a snack. They could also be given their daily schedule for things and practice setting a timer or telling you what time it is when they start and end something.  Some pretty fun activities for letters and sight works like writing them in sidewalk chalk, calling them out, and having the child spray them away. A similar idea is putting them on notecards and using a nerf toys to hit the letter or word called.” 


I hope you are using the Scholastic website for Learning at Home.  It’s free, easy to navigate, and your child has choices.


Please keep me posted on how things are going.  We will have another Zoom classroom meeting Tuesday, April 28 at 3:00.  Join in when you can and feel free to leave when you want.  Not all students enjoy this as much as others and that’s OK.  It’s important for your child to be happy in this different learning process.


Take care.

Ms. Gabert