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Jeffrey Mitchell

Hello Wildcats, I am missing you in Art Class and hope you are all staying healthy!


I would love to see what creative things you are doing!  Please send a pic of your efforts to my e-mail if you would like some feedback!  [email protected]


Please continue to be creative at home, YOU ARE ALL ARTISTS!  We each have different styles and individual creative voices.  If you have a sketch book at home, get out your sketch book and challenge yourself to do something different.  Use Crayon or Color Pencil to create an abstract expression drawing to show your feeling or mood! 


(Abstract: unrealistic qualities, from your imagination)


Other drawing ideas:


CREATE A VISUAL NARRATIVE:   Create a series of drawings (you decide how big or small) that tell the story of a favorite memory with family or friends.   Make sure you include Characters, Action and Setting in each picture.  Details are important for each aspect of your narrative.



Watch the example of creating an Origami T-Rex!  You can find easy to follow tutorials for Origami Butterflies, Cranes, Flowers, Sharks, Turtles and an endless list of ideas.



Mr. Mitchel and Students standing next to a painted Wildcat